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Quickie Pickie

Beer / wine / grocery / coffee / take away / rotisserie / ice cream / snacks

Story by Latte Up July 10th, 2016

What used to be a gas station has now become a hipster 7-Eleven in East Austin. It’s like a convenience store, but instead of gross gas station coffee and stale potato chips you have beautiful aisles filled with organic whole-grain pita chips and a quality coffee bar. Sub in bottles of craft beer and wine for soda bottles, add a kitchen that makes amazing burgers, and you have Quickie Pickie. They call themselves “part convenience grocery, part cafe, part beer joint,” which makes it the go-to place to chill out without feeling guilty about your carbon or economic footprint.


The first thing you’ll notice is the beer taps, but the coffee’s good too (especially the light roast). They serve up Counter Culture Coffee in both drip and espresso drinks, and you can take it outside to hang out and enjoy on their covered patio. And oh boy, is there beer. Quickie Pickie has something for everyone, whether you’re gluten-free, somewhat of a beer snob, or you just want to enjoy a cold one of whatever. Their 24 taps rotate local craft brews, and try to swing by on a Thursday for Pint Night, featuring cheap pours and beer nerds.

Footnote: Writing by Taylor Loren. Photos by Andy Keil.
Quickie Pickie, East 11th Street, Austin, TX, United States