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Waterside cafe

Story by Latte Up 10 de julio de 2016

You’ll find a plethora of soccer moms and boat shoes, but it’s worth it for the patio at Mozart’s. Seriously, it’s ridiculous: situated right on Lake Austin, there’s both an upper deck that overlooks the water and a lower deck that’s level with it, and there’s both plenty of seating and the fastest coffee shop wifi in Austin. The best part about Mozart’s is the atmosphere; there’s a ton of energy and a variety of people buzzing about inside, but you can always escape to find a quiet place by yourself somewhere outside. Besides the patio, the coffee’s good too: beans are flame-roasted on site every 48 hours, ensuring your cup o’ joe is so fresh fresh it’s exciting.


If you’re there on a Friday, try to introduce yourself to The Regulars, a random, eclectic group of people that met at Mozarts and found a purpose in getting coffee at the same place week after week. Live music plays outside Thursday through Sunday, and you can walk across to Hula Hut or Austin Staple for some delicious noms afterwards.

Footnote: Writing by Taylor Loren. Photos by Andy Keil.
Mozart's Coffee Roasters, Lake Austin Boulevard, Austin, TX, United States