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Open 24/7

Story by Latte Up July 10th, 2016

Dogs, board games, and homemade pizza pockets: what could be better? Epoch is a kind of eclectic, kind of crazy coffee shop that’s perfect for grad students (and dog lovers). You can grab an Iced Mojo, sit down, stretch out, and camp on their wifi all day long without anyone batting an eye. They don’t serve beer, but you will find plenty of coffee and cheap refills from Texas Coffee Traders to sustain you throughout the day or night. It’s open 24/7, and so is their extensive selection of vegetarian slices from pizza artists ESP to keep you and your tummy happy at any time.


The atmosphere is definitely one for studying instead of chatting, but it’s still social enough to study with a group of friends for hours on end. Epoch’s bathroom may not be selfie-friendly, but it is covered with graffiti and updated regularly with quotes, scribbles, and a salacious tale or two by visiting patrons. You’re best to pick the left one over the right one though.

Footnote: Writing by Taylor Loren. Photos by Andy Keil.
Epoch Coffee, West North Loop Boulevard, Austin, TX, United States